Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's in the number?

I am turning 27 in a fortnight.TWENTY SEVEN! No no isn't what you think.The trauma of having to lie bout my age hasn't set in yet. I can't care less about that really. Infact i DON'T feel that old(or young) at all.Besides the usual 'What have I achieved in life?' , the current anxiousness is about the magnitude, the bigness of the number. This is the age at which people are declared 'nubile'. Since I got married way before this age, I always expected the maturity associated with being marriageable to probably creep in by the time I turn 27. From a distance, 27 appeared to be a time when one finishes the transition from the young and effervescent to sober,sluggish ,ready-yet-dreading-middle-age. But there's nothing I detect.I am as mature(or immature if you will :) ) as I was 2 years ago.Ofcourse, I am much more aware now. But,I am now 'dangerously close' to being 30. There again clueless of what difference should that make.IS there a specific way 27-year olds are expected to behave? Should they stop screaming "YIPEEEE" everytime they are excited,including all the times when the realization of being a proud owner of a pair of "skinny jeans" dawns on them(and just so you know, my average here is twice a day)? Should they turn their attention and energy from trying to get a flat tummy to making babies instead? Is it STILL okay to get totally drunk without worrying about which of your friends will carry you back home? Is it STILL okay to participate in your office's annual dance event with the number of participants more than 26 years old is

Well, it doesen't matter what the answer to all these is because I don't see myself getting moulded anyway.

Turning 27 doesen't hurt really except that I am afraid people might not take me as seriously as my age beckons now. :)


Tushar said...

Lovely post. Remember the days in college when a 22 yr old looked so big! And when you yourself turned 20! its just a game of numbers anyway.

Dhiraj said...

27? Are we really that age group?
Well, this age surely demands some maturity but not at the cost of fun.

Surely a time to shift focus, mostly on making babies. But, I guess we can still mangage a year or two without them ;)

A Nice post indeed!!!

Abhilasha said...

WEll a nice post i must say and at the rigt time...I would share your feeelings and understand the pressure of being 27 as i'll be the same in another month...and 'm still not even married ;)
I really wish more often than not that i'd been atleast 2-3 younger..age is closing on you now..but what the has to be lived fully without indulging in the game of numbers.. so keep rocking..still worry about a flat belly along with other ideas ;)

Aparna said...

Great post! can actually identify with this :)

sonalika said...

Whoa..u scared me Geetly Dee!! :(
But true...

Good one!

Ashrut Khatter said...

OK, because I read your blog late, you are that much more closer to 30now... howz the feeling now?

And the year you posted this, your office annual dance event had more than 1 participants over 26... Your own dance partner two times over was the ONLY one over 30 and mighty proud of being the only 30+ dancing in the crowd! But 30 or 40 he says its ok to dance if you enjoy doing it... and he hopes to find the same partner (equally willing) 10 years from now!

Ah, most important, the day you stop screaming YIPEEE, we are no longer friends. Thatz the only thing I miss about you two (apart from the cold coffee - exotic version that adi delved out from the closet)