Friday, March 27, 2009

At the tail end of innocence

A 13-year old becomes pregnant. She is 14 when she delivers a baby, the father of whom is 13. A couple of days after the tabloids overwhelm readers with the pictures of the new born in his teenage father's arms, 2 boys , 13 and 14 years old , come forward to claim fatherhood to the new born.
There are, obviously, more than one reasons to feel disgusted here. As would be expected, soon the names,the numbers and even the controversy on the parental linkages disappeared to be taken over by the facts and figures reflecting the rise of teenage pregnancies in the country. At this time, one sincerely hopes for remedial action if not preventive action. One expects the people in authority to arrive at a plan in order to curb if not totally stop the alarming patterns. There is no denying the fact that decisions are indeed being taken. The government of an embarrassed and worried nation with the highest number of teenage pregnancies in the continent does infact take steps.Only they are senseless,to say the least. It decides to take measures wherein , it shall enable school girls , as young as 11 years old , to ask for the morning-after pills merely by texting their school nurse. Wait! Lets not rush our reactions. The government goes a step furthur by allowing the airing of Abortion ads on TV and radio. This with no restriction on the time of the day. As if the government was in the best of moods, the condom ads also are relieved of the prevailing restriction of being aired only after 9 PM.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, you may now sigh , frown , shrug or make grimaces at your will. But most of all, do join me to bemoan the evident expiry of maturity and faculty from the institution that apparently has the emotional and physical well being of its children last on its list of concerns.
By now, one is too exhausted to even react to the debate that was on furthur down into the daily today. It read 'Should I allow my 3 year old to apply lip gloss'.

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Tushar said...

Its ironical that a society that has led the world in the race of evolution is now sitting at the tail end of innocence.