Monday, July 16, 2007

A One Way Ticket To Hell

People have spent their lives preaching it.Some have written books trying to convey the message. The words of some have found their way to the "Quote of the day" on international message boards.In one way or the other,they all tell you to "Follow your heart".This gibberish only provides the ever faltering psyche of the modern day human being with the quinessential push to "listen to their hearts".The heart seems to say beautiful and fantastic things.Gives you your private dream world and an illusion where all those dreams seem to be turning true someday.This indeed seems to be working for many.Not for me my friend.I have been there,done that.And realized how important it is NOT to listen to the stupid heart.The proverbial heart is in fact a kaleidoscope of confused,arbitrary,sometimes intense,cluttered and almost always cataclysmic object of emotions(ah!how much we love using that word!!), a Pandora's box...all that comes out of it spells "HAVOC".At the end of it all, I can't be thankful enough for having a "mind"..Afterall, there has to be something to balance out the perpetual upheavel of the heart.

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