Monday, April 14, 2008

What You Hear Is Not What It Means

I am sick of this now. Why can't people just SAY what they THINK. Why do they ALWAYS have to encrypt their thoughts...and leave the onus of deciphering them to the poor soul on the other end of the communication. Alright, I do recognize the occasions when one so cannot be straightforward. However, I can't justify the others. For now, I am taking revenge from my team lead who made me work on the staurday with his "We have to deliver this on Monday" when he himself wasn't prepared for the delivery. Yeah its Monday today and we are 3 good hours past the stipulated time of delivery. Since I just didn't want to work...I ended up visiting my blog after about 10 months.
Not that I hadn't visited it, I always returned without being able to find somthing "mentionable" enough. I am sick of this too...the unsatiable urge to write without the content to accompany it.
Hooked on these days. Her honesty intrigues me. Alas, a relief from the coded world. So, for now its buh-bye encryption.

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