Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Musical Circuit

I reckon I dont understand music much. Neither the musician's nor the listener's point of view. Yeah I enjoy tapping a leg often and I can't help swaying when someone plays the guitar or the piano. I also more or less understand the "mood" of the music that falls into my ears. Most of the times,all that I can settle on is to go over my 'favourites' playlist(it has less than 30) over and over again. However, all this is a rarity.In times of emotional upheaval(and this happens more often than I watch TV),I seek peace ,tranquility through music(among other futile attempts like shopping ofcourse). However, even the most awesome pieces make me more solemn. Push me deeper into the doldrums. I figure this is in the history behind them viz. how or where I first heard the song , how the words apply in my life or merely my interpretation of the song. Happy or enlivening instrumentals do no good.

Just when I am about to write off my yet another ordeal with music as inefficacious, I do afterall find what I seek but this in the most improbable bit of music.

'No not I..I will survive..I will survive" :)

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