Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the stadium

Saw my first LIVE match ever!!! Here's a rookie's experience.
To begin with, its fun*.
Besides the usual players looking like miniature but colorful andanimated chess pieces , there are nice parts too. The experience of Mexican Wave, or the human wave if you will, is phenomenol. The boundaries are adrenaline pumping and the food is pathetic.
My advice to other first-timers
(.) Although "outside food is not allowed", either sneak in some sandwiches or stuff yourself to be good for 4 hours (I only advice Twenty20 cricket. Did I forget to mention it was 'Cricket'??)
(.) Do NOT undermine or miss the Mexican wave. Its more important than the victory of the team you are supporting.
(.) Support ONE team.
(.) Carefully choose the color of your Tee. You don't want to be mistaken as a supporter of your least favourite team.
(.) Sun shades, caps/hats are essential if its a day match. Mine was in the night and so much better.

(p.s Fun = Not Boring)

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RIPU said...

Me too went too a cricket match in Faridabad...... Australia Vs.New Zealand(95 all out- Their worst international performance), Avneet was wid me.. we planned to get fail in semester exam, voilated traffic rules and lot many things only to see Kiwis giving their worst flight. anyways.. the catch is.. I sold the match tickets to all my group on raised price (Black you know).. It was first time I did the ticket black (gave a Rs.20 discount to avneet).. lol it was fun...