Friday, June 20, 2008

Then and Now. Yet..

I had started reading Godfather circa 3 years ago. And I loathed it for whatever part of it I managed to read. Yet, determined to read it till the end only to find out why after all is Godfather Godfather, I continued the struggle. Then I left it on a flight and the story was over.

(It just struck me! Before I jot down more, if any of you reading this is a would-be reader/audience of the book/movie, you might not want to read beyond this.)

My biggest argument was why should anyone resort to a life like what Don Corleone almost embraced. So what if he was poor and couldn’t make ends meet with his wife and children depending on him. Then his friends talk(barely had to) him into a job where he had to almost loot trucks at gun-point. And when this local don comes in to ask for his share, our Don goes ahead and shoots him. His prize? he gets to keep the money that the local don had asked for. So is it after all so simple to walkout of the framework of society and law and just STOP following any of the rules set aside for a citizen? Should all men of "spirit" eschew law just as easily as the Sicilian Dons seem to do in the book?

Now after 3 years, I caught hold of the book again and just couldn't resist fighting my unsatiated urge to look for Godfather's reasons. But this time it isn't all that bad, as a reader I mean. I am totally enjoying the reading. I like Don Corleone for the father he is. I like the way his sons have managed while he was shot. I basically like the story this time. I guess 3 years do change one's outlook after all.

However, I am still not convinced with the Don's reasons of having to start all this in the first place. This is disturbing actually. Mainly because I am questioning the story of such a paramount rubric. I want to get convinced. I wish that its something I have missed and that its just not a point of view. I am counting on the final 100 pages of the book. I must pacify my argument, once and for all.

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Ashrut Khatter said...

GODFATHER is cult! You don't like it, stay away!!! BTW, did you ever finish it?