Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picture This

Everytime I listen to it, I can't help but imagine myself dressed in all black...the little black dress , the black strappy heels , a dash of Poison under my earlobes and this big diamond solitaire, on this boat sailing across the Hudson river. The moonlight hobnobs with the glittering night skyline of New York on one side of the river. The spotlight is obviously on me. The only table on the deck is laid with red french wine and pasta. Its all white on the boat. The furniture , the floor , the railing and the uniform of the waiters. He , however, is dressed in a black tuxedo. I know he's done all this only for me. He extends his hand.."Shall We?". I accept. Afterall, I know its my one chance to live my age old fantasy. Its non-putdownable. And we dance the hours away.'Lady Hear Me Tonight" never stopped playing and he never stopped looking into my eyes , as if he meant every word of the song. I dont want to be sure.

For now, Song of the day "Lady Hear Me Tonight". Beware, it can also become the song of the week, for the 100th time that is. I can't help it deary.

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